So ... what's it like to work here?

"There is a fantastic team culture and plenty
of opportunity to try new things."

"We are expected to produce a high standard of
output, which gives us pride in the work we produce."

"We are very lucky to have such great office locations
and magnificent buildings to work from."

"I joined EDP 3 years ago, and have never regretted my decision. Having worked in a solely ecological consultancy previously it was exciting learning the roles of the other disciplines, which EDP fully encourage. As a result I have become a more rounded consultant. EDP believes that a happy work force produces the best results - they certainly look after their staff and know how to have fun!"

"EDP gives me independence, motivation and satisfaction."

"There aren’t many jobs where great people work together on great projects, in great surroundings. EDP has it all for the environmental professional, even free lunches!"

"After ten years with EDP, I can honestly say that no two days are ever alike and the opportunities to try new things and take on new challenges are almost limitless."

"The competitive spirit is always alive - right through to the table football at lunchtime!"

"I enjoy working within such a like-minded team at EDP. The company has a real ‘family’ feel with everyone happy to share the knowledge that they have, regardless of discipline, to help each other mature professionally. We’re certainly not adverse to a good laugh around the office either, with EDP definitely having the outlook that a happy team is a successful one!"

"Working at EDP is challenging, rewarding, fascinating, great fun – and NEVER boring!”

"EDP have a varied work load which keeps the job interesting. And the attitude of being the best at what we do, and solution focused with a positive outlook, is very motivating."

"EDP’s team of industry-leading heritage experts undertakes the most complex and interesting projects involving a wealth of heritage assets, providing opportunities that few other consultancies can match."

"Put simply - I love my job. EDP isn't like any company I've worked for before. Here I have a voice and its listened to. The people making the decisions sit in the same room and want the same things as I do - a fun place to work, that pays the bills and gives you the opportunity to grow and develop. The company really cares - it's like family to me."

"The biscuit barrel is a great help on
those busy days!"

"I have lovely work colleagues who work hard but also know how to have a laugh."

"I have been at EDP since we started back in 2006. Each site, project and team has proven to be a unique experience and ensures that the work is always challenging and exciting. We have an intelligent, commercially aware team who are a great pleasure to work with (and learn from) every day."

"The EDP socials/team building events are very well organised and are a great way to get to know your colleagues on another level."

"For me, it is the people that I work with that make the difference – they are motivated, professional and passionate about their work – a great team to spend time with. It can get hectic around here, but you know that people will always pull together to achieve what we need to do."

"I’ve never worked anywhere where I have felt so supported both professionally and personally, by not just an individual but the company as a whole."

"Truly flexible working hours - quality not quantity -  with encouragement to enjoy your free time (a life outside of work!)"



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