Our People Testimonials


"EDP has a deserved reputation for high quality work reflecting their thorough analysis and solution-focused outcomes".

"I have no doubt that if we commissioned EDP to do all the surveys we would have superb results. EDP regularly produce work of an excellent standard and often to tight timescales. The work and customer service I have received far outweigh my experience elsewhere within the industry".

"EDP have been a key member of the project team undertaking both the LVIA and Cultural Heritage assessments on a number of schemes. Throughout the process the work they have produced has been methodical, well written and thorough".

"I would have no hesitation in recommending EDP, an excellent company to work with who consistently deliver good work".

"Compared to many of your competitors, I am regularly impressed with your staffs understanding regarding commercial drivers of schemes".

"EDP have handled our projects well and their understanding of our technical requirements is developing with each project. Drive to achieve our aims has never been an issue".

"Having worked with EDP on a number of renewable energy projects over the last four years, I have been very impressed with both their approach and ability to work with other consultants. Their output is robust and they have always gone out of their way to provide information quickly and accurately".

"Whilst we know we can expect to pay a premium for the work EDP undertake, we are always assured that this is undertaken with the highest professionalism in terms of knowledge, experience, understanding of the planning process and ability to deal with planning officers and Statutory Consultee advisors. It is clear that EDP have a team of professionals who have varying specialties which also provides us with comfort that we will be able to rely on that wealth of knowledge in the course of the projects we’re running. The team at EDP are all very friendly and very easy to get along with and forge working relationships which makes the process easy and enjoyable".

"Thanks so much for all your hard work it is always fun working with you and the others at EDP".

"I have found cheaper alternatives. However, in no way do they represent the best value for money like EDP does. The standard and professionalism of the work for the cost is of great value".

"I have worked closely with EDP on a number of renewable energy projects. I have been impressed with their approach to undertaking these assessments and ultimately, the quality of work produced.present the best value for money like EDP does. The standard and professionalism of the work for the cost is of great value".

"We have also found that the professional fees charged by EDP are competitive and at a time of continuing economic uncertainty, this has been another important consideration. We would have no hesitation in recommending EDP to anyone who requires their professional services".

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