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EDP provides a professional service for the assessment of socioeconomic impacts arising from development projects. Socioeconomic matters are important issues in housing and renewable energy schemes which often realise appreciable benefits to the application site area; for example, in terms of job creation. However, there also exists the potential to negatively affect economic drivers such as tourism. Consequently socio-economic matters should be appropriately considered in the EIA process.

Socioeconomic studies are an important tool in ensuring that the local community is not adversely socially or economically affected by new development. Whilst these studies are often bespoke to the form of development proposed, they will often include consideration of:

Local employment/ housing need;
Economic impacts on the resident population and sources of local employment;
Implications for access to, and provision of, local and community facilities including factors such as schools, community facilities and healthcare.

Desk Studies
Using readily available web and desk based information and undertaking appropriate consultations with tourism bodies as necessary, EDP can set out the socio economic profile of the area likely to experience significant effects.

Planning Policy
EDP can advise on the relevant policy framework for the consideration of socioeconomic factors. They may include reference to local initiatives such as ‘Enterprise Zones’ and Management Plans for National Parks and AONBs.

Stakeholder and Community Involvement
EDP is able to contribute constructively to public consultation events in a manner which integrates local concerns into the EIA process.

Assessment of Impacts and Mitigation
Following review of baseline economic and social factors, the impacts of the development can be assessed. If required, mitigation measures can be developed and submitted with the application to address local policy requirements or public concerns.

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