Our Approach Our Approach

Our Approach

EDP was established for a single purpose – to provide clients with a completely integrated approach to the appreciation and resolution of environmental issues associated with development proposals.

Client care and service is the heart and soul of our partnership. Our approach is built around the qualities clients tell us they need in an environmental consultant: responsive, robust when negotiating in your interests, proactive, solution-focused and cost-conscious.

Senior level project input. There is no substitute for experience! A partner or senior team member will take a personal interest and involvement in your project from start to finish. Key project responsibilities will not be delegated ‘down the line’ to someone you have never dealt with before.

Flexible charging structures and end products. We do not aim to compete on cost alone, but we will provide excellent value for money. We offer a flexible charging structure to suit individual circumstances, and end products are always tailored to the specific project.

Small team culture. We believe that small teams are more responsive and effective because there is greater commitment and personal accountability. In this way we share the responsibility for what we deliver.

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Our Approach

Our Approach
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