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At EDP we specialise in ‘environmentally led’ masterplanning drawing on the expertise of our in-house teams of landscape, ecological, arboricultural and heritage specialists. The EDP philosophy of sharing knowledge in-house ensures that disciplines are integrated, rather than left as independent silos of knowledge. EDP masterplanners sit at the heart of this philosophy, drawing together the technical disciplines and benefits from the wealth of knowledge gained in over 20 years of environmental consultancy.

To date, we have successfully applied this approach on numerous sites, from strategic extensions to smaller scale interventions, and for a wide-range of clients. Drawing on our commercial experience, we aim to create exciting and attractive new communities and living environments, which do not just respond to potential constraints, but actually maximise the opportunities offered by environmental assets. We believe this approach optimises any site’s potential to deliver successful lasting development and also for planning consent to be achieve, particularly where our technical disciplines are at the fore.

Our services include:

  • Site Appraisals and Urban Form Studies

    Site Appraisals and Urban Form Studies

    Our experience in the fields of landscape and townscape character assessment, coupled with our built heritage expertise, makes us well versed in the appraisal of sites and their urban context. We undertake robust assessments of the existing settlement pattern and form, historic growth trends and the character and style of existing housing and built form. This work underpins the development of responsive masterplans and future architectural proposals.

  • Feasibility Studies and Concept Schemes

    Feasibility Studies and Concept Schemes

    Having worked on around a thousand projects covering all sectors, and with an in-house team of specialists providing a broad range of skills, EDP is well placed to provide preliminary appraisals to inform site feasibility studies. This stage may also involve the preparation of sketch concept schemes for one or more options for site development. Design work undertaken at this stage is generally prepared by hand, for speed, but underpinned by basic computer modelling/testing to ensure deliverability.

  • Masterplans and Parameter Plans

    Masterplans and Parameter Plans

    EDP can prepare final ‘Illustrative’ or ‘Concept’ masterplans for submission in support of outline planning applications or for use in planning promotion work. Parameter plans relating to issues such as density, built heights and movement hierarchy can also be provided. In both cases these are informed by our early appraisal work, underpinned by a thorough understanding of the opportunities and constraints and refined through discussion of the early concept scheme options.

  • Design and Access Statements

    Design and Access Statements

    The scope, content and presentational style of Design and Access Statements can be rather ‘elastic’, depending on the type, size and sensitivity of the scheme and its context. However, whatever the project or its situation, EDP ensures a robust document is produced that clearly illustrates the ‘narrative’ of the chosen design; demonstrating a clear correlation between the assessment of site constraints and opportunities, public consultation and the evolution of the final scheme.


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