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Given the pre-eminence of environmental issues in the design, determination and implementation of energy developments – whether it is grid infrastructure, biomass installations, wind or solar energy schemes – EDP’s experience and gravitas on the key issues is welcomed by Planning Authorities and Developers and has proven successful on a wide variety of projects, including at Public Inquiry.

Our approach focuses on working closely with clients to identify key issues at an early stage and to engage proactively with Local Planning Authorities and Statutory Consultees. EDP’s inputs are greatly valued by our existing clients, who understand the value of considering the planning, commercial and contextual risks to potential development sites in seeking to gain a complete picture of both the opportunities and constraints inherent to energy projects.

Our core products to the energy sector include:

Feasibility Studies to understand the planning risk presented at potential sites, with a particular focus on landscape and visual studies. Our pragmatic approach to these studies, identifying key risk factors at an early stage, is a cost-effective method for site feasibility and identification and allows informed decision-making on a site-by-site basis.

Technical Assessment in support of major and minor planning applications, through the Practice’s core services and in cooperation with preferred partners, and including EIA development. Undertaking assessment which complies with current best practice guidance provided by IEMA, IfA and the Landscape Institute ensures our assessments are robust and fit for purpose.

Planning Application Coordination for both EIA and non-EIA development is a service we provide across the energy sector, for major wind energy developers and Distribution Network Operators. Being accredited on the Achilles system ensures we act in accordance with the full suite of Health and Safety and Quality Assurance standards, and at all times we look to provide succinct, accurate and proportionate documentation of a very high standard.

Representation at Planning Appeal, whether at Inquiries, Hearings or as Written Representations is something EDP has considerable experience of undertaking in house, across all of our different sectors.

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