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EDP provides experienced, pragmatic, commercially-aware advice on trees to our developer and land-manager clients. We tailor the inputs for each project via a phased approach and provide a range of services from pre-acquisition reviews to post-planning implementation.

PHASE 1 – Pre-Design and Baseline Assessment
Pre-acquisition, Promotion and/or Feasibility Assessments
Baseline BS5837:2012 Surveys
Tree Constraints and Pre-planning Advice

PHASE 2 – Design Stage
Masterplan Review and Scheme Specific Advice

PHASE 3 - Planning Application
Fully Compliant BS5837:2012 Surveys
Tree Constraints Plans
Arboricultural Impact Assessment
Tree Protection Plans
Arboricultural Method Statement

PHASE 4 - Post Planning
Discharge of Pre-Commencement Conditions
Arboricultural Clerk of Works/Site Supervision
Post Development Tree Health and Condition Surveys
Arboricultural Management Plans

Expert Witness for Planning Inquiries
Tree Health, Condition and Asset Surveys
Quantified Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA) surveys
Subsidence Assessments and Evidence Analysis

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