03 NOVEMBER 2017

‘Building with Nature’ award to be launched 9th November

There is a need for more housing – but the challenge is not just about building new homes. Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust and the University of the West of England have developed a ‘benchmark’ to help create better and more attractive places to live and work, building on research that shows people value living in homes and communities which promise a higher quality of life. People value living in places which are close to nature. As well as providing the space where wildlife can thrive, green infrastructure supports wellbeing in people and also provides cost effective ways to manage water naturally and prevent flooding.


This is not just wishful thinking – RICS studies show that a property located on the edge of a park can attract a premium of up to 19% (RICS/University of Aberdeen 2007). It has further been identified that a 1% increase in the amount of green space in a ward can be associated with a 0.3 to 0.5% increase in average house price (GLA Economics, 2003). It can therefore also be demonstrated that the benefits extend beyond the boundary of any particular housing site with the potential to confer financial/health (and other) benefits to residents in neighbouring wards.


Building with Nature is the UK’s first certification scheme for green infrastructure, with aims to increase the quality of new development for people and the environment. EDP has UK wide experience in the development of Green Infrastructure (GI) Strategies for large sites – and has been working with the Building for Nature team for over 2 years to develop methodologies and consider the proposed strategic urban extension for 2,350 homes at Chesterton, Cirencester. We hope that you might be able to join us for the launch event at which the application of the benchmark to large housing schemes across the country will be discussed with reference to national examples.

Building with Nature images – Source: Building with Nature

Where: Gloucester Services (M5 Southbound)


When: Thursday 9th November 10.30am – 12.30pm


What: Perspectives from leading industry professionals including EDP (plus pastries and hot drinks!)


Do turn up – or contact Ben Rosedale with any queries or 07920 425132

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