01 AUGUST 2019

PPG ‘Natural Environment’ Update July 2019

On 21 July 2019, the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government (MHCLG) updated their Planning Practice Guidance relating to the ‘Natural Environment’ – namely landscape and green infrastructure, agricultural land and soils, arboriculture and ecology.


Whilst advertised by the MHCLG under the direct statement “Brokenshire orders house builders to protect wildlife” (see article here), the changes go much further than just recommending ‘hedgehog highways’ and ‘swift bricks’, by extending into key planning areas such as the setting of designated landscapes, identifying locally valued landscapes, the protection of ancient woodland and ancient and veteran trees, and the requirement to secure measurable net gains for biodiversity. The update guidance can be found here.


EDP provides its view on the changes to the guidance in light of landscape, green infrastructure, arboriculture and ecology in the documents below.

Agricultural Land, Soil and Brownfield Land of Environmental Value

Biodiversity, Geodiversity and Ecosystems


Trees and Woodland



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